In-Depth Unboxing Of The Canon EOS M50 | YouTube Video

Lately I've been on a restless hunt to find a new vlogging/filmmaking camera. I've had the Canon 5D Mark III for many years, but that behemoth is really a stills camera, which does many things very well, but using it for video and vlogging can be a real pain.

I looked into Sony cameras, and although I admire how they've pushed technology, I've never liked their cameras. I know everyone raves about the sensors, and rightly so, but the cameras themselves leave a lot to be desired, and could never replace my Canon equipment for professional use.

So I decided to stay with Canon. At first, I thought about selling the 5D Mark III and use the money towards a 5D Mark IV - this would give me a lot of what I was looking for: great autofocus in video, 4K, Wi-Fi and GPS and compatibility with my existing lens lineup.

The problem is, I've never really been fond of the 5D Mark IV, it just doesn't get me excited, plus it's really big for a vlogging camera, and I wanted something smaller and lighter that I could carry with me at any time.

That's when I thought about the latest mirrorless to come out from Canon's factory: the EOS M50. This camera has most of the things I need from a vlogging camera, plus some.

I will make a full review of this camera after I put it through its paces, but for now here's a little unboxing video of my new filmmaking camera.